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About Us

About Us

We specialize in providing full service furnished housing in Atlanta Georgia and surrounding cities. Most properties are located in south Atlanta in the cities of Fayetteville, Tyrone and Peachtree City, serving local companies, corporations and their clients and employees seeking furnished rentals for the short and long terms. Past and existing clients have included cast and crew at the new Pinewood Studios and Resident Doctors on rotation at the Piedmont Fayette hospital in Fayetteville Georgia.

We take pride in the quality and finish of our properties as each property has been handpicked, acquired, renovated and furnished by our company and its staff and designers. With our managing partners residing in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, we aim to offer the highest level of quality products, customer service, and convenience to all of our clients.

We can customize each accommodation setting as we understand the unique demands of each client, from including all utilities and property services in our lease agreements to obtaining specialty products or services, thereby making each client’s move virtually effort and worry free.

Atlanta Home Rentals is owned by Ventura Management LLC, a subsidiary of Rooted Capital Companies, a real estate investment company based out of Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta Home Rentals, Ventura Management LLC or Rooted Capital Companies are not affiliated or related to the Pinewood Studios, Piedmont Fayette hospital or any other companies for which they serve employees and clients for.