2015 Update: Please note client reviews of the furnished properties are published on each property’s individual VRBO web page, on the Reviews tab. The VRBO web page for each property is accessible via the “VRBO Vacation Rental #” hyperlink below the Property Availability calendar box next to the description of each property. 

S. Castel De Oro – Cedar Circle Property – 6/11/15

I had an absolutely lovely time from the moment Neema contacted me, to moving into the house ( furnished) , to getting little things fixed. Neema was very attentive to whatever thoughts or requests I had , and maintenance was handled in a timely manner with everything. Much better than my place in LA!

The house itself was furnished in a very cozy way, and felt like a fantastic home away from home. And in the process of looking for a place, he found some amazing options that honestly made it kinda hard to choose. 

All in all, a great experience for my first time in Fayetteville!

A. Morrison – Old Chapel Lane Property – 10/17/14

My husband and I have being renting Old Chapel Lane for 6 weeks and so far we love the property. The house was freshly renovated with new bath, carpets and paint work and all new kitchen appliances and washer and dryer were installed. The management company give us a choice of 3 bedroom sets and sofas to pick from. They were also very helpful in setting up the house specifically to our needs. Not needing 3 finished bedrooms, they set one up as an office with a sofa bed and the other as a gym for us. They were also happy to reimburse me for smaller items I purchased for the property. Every question or problem we have had has being dealt with in a very quick and professional manner.

The property itself is only 5 minutes drive from the studios and is set in a very quiet peaceful area of Fayetteville. The fully furnished, individual properties offered by this company are a great, private alternative to the apartments/townhouses in village communities in nearby Peachtree City.

B. Winderbaum – Highland Hills Rd Property – 8/31/14

We’ve been living at the Highland Hills house for 6 months now with our 2 kids, and it’s honestly been one of the best experiences of our lives. The house itself has all the amenities you need for a short or long term stay. We’ve had 3 families at a time visiting us and we’ve all slept comfortably in the 4 bedrooms in the main house as well as in the basement unit, which is a wonderful private area for our short term guests with a king bed, small kitchen, and living room with a TV.

The house is on a well and the water is drinking quality, though there is also filtered water from the refrigerator. The large laundry room has a high capacity washer and dryer, and the kitchen has two ovens, and an electric range.

The property has so much to offer, especially for families, with a fenced pool, hot tub, playground area, and trampoline. The home gym set up in the Master Bedroom is a great addition as well. The covered patio by the pool, with its own refrigerator and bathroom, is a nice space for entertaining, staying out of the heat with the high-powered ceiling fan, or escaping the thunderstorms while still enjoying the sights and sounds of nature that surround you here in this private wilderness. We watch the deer, bunnies, and wide variety of beautiful birds in the yard daily, and the forest is filled with the sounds of frogs, cicadas, crickets, and other woodland creatures. Though there are snakes, ticks, scorpions, and other less desirable critters in the woods, we haven’t been bothered by them, and in particular, mosquitos have not been a problem for us at all. The owners keep the landscaping cleaned up and spray the yard regularly for ticks.

My husband is working at Pinewood and has a gorgeous 15 minute commute, we are less than 10 minutes from everything in Fayetteville, and 30 minutes from anywhere we want to go in Midtown Atlanta. The owners are extremely helpful with any issues that come up and have had addressed all of our needs while staying here.